We are now accepting artist applications for the 6th annual Tiny Lights JUNE 9-11th 2017.

The application deadline is February 15th, 2017.

Though our application closing date is February 15th, we encourage you to apply early as we have usually booked our larger acts by December/January. Due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive and the underwhelming size of our staff, only acts being considered for performance will be contacted via email by February 28, 2017.


Youth Stage Pilot Project

This year we are initiating a pilot project to create a stage run solely by youth. They will be responsible for all aspects including artist selection, scheduling, sound tech, stage hands, hosting etc. They will be selected and trained prior to the festival. If you would like to participate in this pilot project there is a link in the application form.


There are two ways to apply. The first is to click the link below.



The second way, if you are feeling creative or are allergic to the internet, is to mail us a physical application. You will still need to look at the form and answer the questions that are on it.

You can send your creative physical application to:


Tiny Lights Festival

PO BOX 240, Ymir BC, V0G 2K0

Last year we received hundreds of creative applications from many talented artists and we wish to have been able to include every one.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to so much incredible talent and we are doing our best to include as many acts as possible.

Thank you again to everyone who applied, we are overwhelmed and excited with the quality and diversity of Canadian independent music.

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