Inclusivity and ACCESSIBILITY

By design and by intent, Tiny Lights is in a constant state of growth and evolution. As part of our commitment to building spaces for reflection, deep listening, connection and belonging, Tiny Lights is approaching festival accessibility regarding ability, gender, culture and beyond with a renewed sense of creativity and commitment.

Learning requires vulnerability and vulnerability requires safety. Our hope is that the strategies that we implemented this year and continue to improve, will increase safety, reduce barriers to participation and foster and overall culture of belonging and care. That you for being alongside us in this work as we endeavour to create spaces for transformation and healing that are safe for humans of all kinds.

Tiny Lights 2019

Some successes from our festival this year!

pronoun Pins and partnership!

pronoun buttons.jpg

This year we worked with Ambit Gender Consulting to develop policies for our organization as a result we met the wonderful folks at Trans Connect. In partnership with them and with the financial support of Creative BC we were able to introduce Pronoun Pins at our festival.

This was not as simple as giving out pins. We wanted to make sure that people really understood the importance and the significance of wearing a pin a being an ally of the LGBTQ2S community. Trans connect was on site all weekend not only answering questions and handing out pins but also as points of contact and support for all trans and non-binary people.

It was so great to have the buttons spark conversation and to see so many Tiny Lights artists showing support on stage.

“We ran out of pronoun pins at Tiny Lights last weekend… five times! Over 600 allies showing their support. #tinylightsfamily” - TransKootenays on Instagram

Photo: Mary Matheson

Photo: Mary Matheson

photo: Mary Matheson

photo: Mary Matheson


Tiny Lights 2019 - Mary Matheson Photography-170.jpg

Running a festival in a tiny town with very old buildings is a challenge for accessibility. There are so many visible and invisible challenges that can make festivals difficult, if not impossible for folks to attend.

This year we expanded the position of accessibility co-ordinator. Alison was available to connect with festival goers prior to the event to discus their specific needs and to work with them to figure out ways to navigate our site and venues.

“Thank you for making it possible for …. to participate to the festival. Thank you for the festival itself, which was 100 times better for me with …around, and with so welcoming and inclusive people, volunteers and guests and performers. I will never forget my experience, and how happy and excited …. was. I had a great time, a time I will not forget, a time that will fill my heart for ever. Memories to hold on to, like tiny lights in the dark times of winters or challenges. Thank you for the festival. Thank you for …. and from …..”

photo: Bryce Duffy

photo: Bryce Duffy

Cycling without AGE

This year we were also so fortunate to be able to partner with Cycling Without Age Nelson . These fantastic volunteers worked with us to assess our site determine routes. On the weekend of our festival they brought out their amazing trishaw and provided rides all weekend.

Riding is an opportunity to slow down and have a conversations, to slow down hear stories. Thank you Wendy, Bob and the whole team of Pilots!