Tiny Lights 2016 Line Up-2017 coming soon!

Rae Spoon

Rae Spoon has been called one of Canada’s best songwriters and their new album Armour does not disappoint. The ten new songs hold all of the lyrical depth indicative of Spoon’s compositions while showcasing their distinctive voice. Armour’s self-produced enigmatic soundscapes blur the lines between organic and electronic instruments. Analogue synthesizers, electronic drum programming, drum kits, percussion, electric bass, cello and guitar carry the album through pop refrains and danceable beats.

Armour, Spoon’s eighth solo album, is the highly anticipated follow-up to Polaris Prize– nominated My Prairie Home, a musical about Spoon’s fraught childhood in Alberta. As much as My Prairie Home was about Spoon’s upbringing as a queer youth in a Pentecostal household, Armour is about their view of the future.

Watch their newest video here


Shane Koyczan and the Short story Long

In a realm where poets rarely intersect with stardom, the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics introduced us to Shane Koyczan. With a collective "wow" across Canada and beyond, we found the poet of our generation. And we weren't even looking for one. The world took notice when Shane's influential, anti-bullying, To This Day Project video went viral in early 2013 with over 14 million views and counting. Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, his explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Downie and Leonard Cohen are to theirs. But unlike the musicians that he's often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop culture. Koyzcan emerges in a new wave of 21st century poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice.

Watch and listen to them here



Adham Shaikh

Adham Shaikh is a Emmy and Juno Award-nominated music producer, composer, sound designer, and DJ who brings his uniquely powerful global sounds to the world stage and screen, not to mention many a crowded dance floor.


Check out what Adham's about



photo credit: Kenneth Locke

photo credit: Kenneth Locke


Hello Moth

Hello Moth brings a mesmerizing presence to the stage, combining pop sensibilities with unearthly sounds and intriguing musicality in songs that surprise and charm listeners. Warm, passionate vocals contrast with the cold, digital tones of a Casio VL-1 synthesizer to create a sound that is at once soulful and soulless. In each riveting performance, Hello Moth spins musical layers over each other in loops to form elaborate patterns. The result is powerful and unexpected, as the audience witnesses the solitary musician become a haunting orchestra of one.

Watch this






Rhoneil is an experimental musician that is dedicated to exploring the sonic resonance of landscape and the cosmos. Rhoneil spent this past year recording/composing her new record Nature//Cosmos in tandem with the passing lunar cycles. Rhoneil is the director of InvisibleFriends.ca, a website dedicated to exploring music/creativity as a means of co-creating with subtle reality and the natural world.

Resurrect Me live




Ripple Illusion

Blending modern and retro inspirations ranging from funk and R&B to alternative and psychedelic rock, Ripple Illusion has created a truly unique and fresh brand of keyboard driven rock and roll. The trio has quickly become known for it's rigorous live performances and emotional expression on stage. Their eclectically inspired sound seamlessly weaves between hard hitting blues-rock and groovy R&B.

Get down here



Dominique Fricot

Dominque Fricot is a Vancouver artist who has the ability to move his audiences through song with his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. Standing 6 foot 7, Fricot commands the stage with his rich baritone and his emotive fusion of rock, soul, folk and jazz. “Fricot’s plaintive vocals and knack for melody invite comparisons to Chris Martin and Adam Duritz"- John Lucas- The Georgia Straight.

We love this





The aerialists

In a world where hyphenated genres are becoming the norm, all kinds of monikers are available for a contemporary folk band - post-folk, trad-core, alt-roots. File under World, or file under Celtic? Aerialists fits best with the beautifully contradictory term prog-trad, melding their ferociously creative harmonic sensibilities with a deep love for folk traditions. Hailing from Canada, the US, and Scotland, the quintet combines post-rock textures, pop precision, and trad energy to create captivating new music.

Watch Deep Toque






Top Men

Photo: Denisa Kraus

Photo: Denisa Kraus

Top Men deploy maximum energy into inventing and creating props for their shows. From dinosaurs, robots, and spaceships, to kilos of confetti and acres of balloons, the papier mache and cardboard sets will amaze your eyes and stimulate your brain. You have to attend a show to fully experience Top Men doing what they were truly meant to do. Through their unique blend of live electronic music and conceptually driven performance the Top Men have a garnered a dedicated following and plan to spread their influence o’er the land.

You can watch the magic here




                                                          Luca Ciarla

Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla owns the stage with his fiddle and a few toy instruments. Step by step, with a loop pedal he performs live all the parts, playing the violin like a guitar, a cello or a percussion. In this imaginative landscape Luca sings, whistles, plays other little instruments and adds new virtuoso passages; music is continuously evolving into a dazzling solo string band! Luca & il Violino features unusual arrangements of traditional Italian folk tunes, music from the Mediterranean area and original compositions. “…a magical acoustic seduction where everybody can find familiar influences…from genuine folk to sophisticated jazz.” Vera Lisi, Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)

Amazing violin playing




The Burying Ground

Photo credit: Basia Wabik

Photo credit: Basia Wabik

If you’ve ever yearned to be transported into times bygone or just needed a balm for your old soul, The Burying Ground will take you straight into the sweetest broken-hearted foot-tapping realm of your dreams, an experience considerably cheaper than building a time machine. Starting out as a duo in early 2014 and hailing from Vancouver, BC, Woody Forster (vocals, resophonic guitar), and Devora Laye (vocals, washboard, saw, kazoo) have been charming modern hearts all over western Canada, lending new life to old songs while composing original tunes that sound straight out of the 20s and 30s. Spinning Ragtime, Jazz, and early Blues and Country into a musical tapestry that will keep you warm on your most lonesome nights. Woody’s deep, whiskey-soaked, smoke-ringed rasp and Devora’s sweet feather touched honeycomb bell tones will roll you into an old time reverie.

Have you heard the beauty of the saw. Watch this




ladies of company B

Company B Jazz Band is one of Vancouver’s foremost jazz ensembles, featuring a harmonizing female vocal trio in vintage style.  This talented group of musicians has been entertaining the masses since 2007 with their creative arrangements, sharp image, and charming wit.  To date, the group has released 3 albums and toured internationally, most recently as a featured act in the Jiangsu International Jazz and World Music Festival.  The Ladies of Company B Jazz Band, interchangeably playing upright bass, ukulele, mellozoo, trumpet and percussion, are a sweet snapshot of the group's harmony both in sound and style.

Sweet harmonies here





Ari NEufeld

Ari Neufeld performs from his center. It’s a flourish of young and old songs, familiar and brand new, fleshed out in alternating rhythms and melodies, performed on a wooden amplified stage, with added percussion, and elements of electric and acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, ukelele and harmonica. Neufeld has lived, worked and performed internationally and shared the stage with musical giants. Neufeld is recently transplanted to Vancouver, actively touring his one man band show around Western Canada, after three years of working with a musical development project in Austin Texas.

Watch his TEDx talk





                                                          the Tourist company

It's been a year of maturing and hard work for The Tourist Company. The four-piece has spent the majority of the last year either on the road touring nationally, or in the studio cultivating their sound and recordings. Their stunning new Mercury EP confidently shows off the band as one of Canada’s most prominent independent acts poised to make an impression in 2016.

We love this





Jesse Speed


Behind the scenes of today's hyper-social conventions, singer-songwriter Jesse Speed is a lone wolf. Subtly enigmatic, on stage he is intriguingly comfortable yet remains strikingly honest. His lyrics may sound bleak yet they are a liberating display of modern life's archetypes. He's been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy and Father John Misty.

We are so excited to welcome this voice to our musical family. Watch him here.




Jesse Speed Promo.jpg

The eisenhauers

Canadian folk duo Sheree Plett and Jeremy Eisenhauer are working on a new co-written album to be released as ‘The Eisenhauers’. This spring, the couple will bring their rich compositions of melodic folk songs to record in Nashville TN with Juno Award winning producer, Steve Dawson.  But for the first time, they will leave the band behind, and record as a duo. 

 Vancouver BC was home for the couple and their three children until the high mountains of the Kootenays called them 1000 kilometers eastward where they now reside. Since moving, a new batch of songs has emerged about the small insights they’ve gained since leaving behind their busy city life. In particular, the content focuses on the loss of a family member, and the solace one can find from the pristine wilderness, transforming despair into gratitude.

So much beauty here



Dylann Heidi

With a love of living life through song, Dylann Heidi writes raw music straight from the heart that allows her audience to relate and feel connected. With her folk soul feel and her soft heart felt undertones, she creates the perfect combination to open hearts and minds to the beauty of feeling.

Watch her here



                                                                                       Wooden Horsemen

We are so pleased to welcome back to Ymir, the nicest band in Canada, Wooden Horsemen deliver an infectious charge of electrified grooves, commanding a mix of gritty blues driven vocals and soulful, driving rhythms.   Vancouver based neo-swamp rock outfit Wooden Horsemen just released their highly anticipated EP “Sentient”

Garnering critical praise with their folk laden debut album in 2013, Wooden Horsemen have expanded their sound considerably since embarking on multiple cross-country tours. With the addition of horns and an expanded rhythm section the group seamlessly blends a down and dirty version of Americana with an eclectic mixture of ingredients derived from Latin and African elements. Defined as consciously perceiving feelings and emotions, ‘Sentient’ – produced by Mark Lawrence of Big in Japan Recordings, promises to deliver just that.

                                                                                                                                      Check them out here



Story filled booms of folk-pop passion interwoven with hook filled melody.
Kirby released his first solo EP “Within These Walls” in 2007 before taking the figurative plunge with his next EP “The Good Fight”, in 2008. Hitting the road for the first many solo tours across Canada and performing in Australia over the last seven years his first full band release “Into The Dark” in 2011, displayed his true passion, belting out emotional lyrics right from the bottom of his heart, coupled with the diversity of both a driving rock strum style and quiet thoughtful picking on the guitar, reminiscent of Nick Drake, Ray Lamontange and Dallas Green

Listen to his Tiny Lights song




                                                                        Cam Penner

Cam Penner doesn’t so much sing songs as summon them up like a medium calling up spirits. His gentle growl can become a Delta howl, as if he is the conduit, a mere medium articulating the blues of a whole continent, emanating from a bottomless well of shared everyman experience. His remarkably sympathetic foil and musical cohort, electric guitar and lap steel sound sculptor Jon Wood, conjures up sound and colour, building spaces where ghosts dwell and shadows beckon.  Cam Penner is an international touring singer/song-writer. His music has been featured on NPR’s, All Music Considered, BBC’s 2016 mini-series Stonemouth, and has charted on the Folk Billboard Chart’s Top Twenty.

Taste the honey here.


Steve Brockley

This year Steve Brockley returns solo to fill your ears with his in depth songwriting and tasty guitar work.

Steve Brockley's original lineup: good songs and a laid back, rolling finger picked guitar. “Well-crafted songs and gently melodic vocal style are easy on the ear. His sparse 'less is more' ethic is refreshing in these days of frenetic folk-roots sounds.” –New Canadian Music

Steve's Second Chance Thrift Store





                                                          JP Maurice

Adversity has never defined JP Maurice. The seasoned Vancouver/Toronto based musician, producer and songwriter knows the highs of his craft, but it’s in the lows that he finds his fire. The muscular pop/rock tracks of Maurice’s debut solo album The Arborist, reflects an artist who can take a bad day, a failed relationship or dark experience and forge it into an anthem.

“I‘m a pop music lover at heart. I love songs with a defined chorus and lyrics that are fairly emotional and based around melody,” he said. “I tend to write when I’m unhappy or sad and not feeling fulfilled. Sometimes it’s somewhat therapeutic.”  Watch him here



Twin Peaks

Sweet & Smoky Roots Music from Northern British Columbia Western Canadian Music Award winning roots duo Twin Peaks have an undeniably disarming presence. Theirharmonies and hooks are as magnetic, bold and welcoming as the atmosphere their live show emanates, Naomi Shore and Lindsay Pratt are collectively radiant in song and in style. You are sure to leave their show in a fond and familiar spirit.

So much fun here



The middle coast

In just one year, Dylan, Roman, and Liam of The Middle Coast logged over 700 hours in a van, traveled over 70 000 kms, and played 150 shows. Presently, the boys are gearing up for the release of their debut record; a 9 song album packed with their strongest material that they’ve written over the past two years, produced by Canadian indie music legends Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan and Sarah) and Don Benedictson (The Bros. Landreth, Valdy). The idea behind the album was simple: catchy songs with classic melodies, thick harmonies, and grooves that guarantee some feverish head-bobbing.

So fun- watch them here




david simard.jpg

david Simard

Described as an avant-garde folk-singer, David Simard has a tongue inside the ears of music lovers across Canada and abroad.  Relentless touring, performances with Timber Timbre and Half Moon Run, and a wonderful festival response followed the release of his debut full-length, "Slower, Lower" in October of 2011. David currently splits his time between Montreal and an abandoned mining town in Northern BC, where he is engaged in a writing project, collecting and translating regional history and folklore into modern folk songs.

This song reminds us of Ymir






We love these ladies, not only will they be killing it on stage, they will also be bringing back their VERY popular kids music workshop. We are thrilled to have them. Veering wildly between Polish cabaret and chamber pop, to playful hip hop jams, the enchanting women of e.s.l. spin songs that will catch your ear and entangle you in their spell. Ethereal vocal harmonies might evoke a late-night bar, with booty shaking beats, ballsy horns, lush string lines and no-holds-barred lyrics that convey a heartfelt reflection on life. Since the band’s inception, this Vancouver quintet has accumulated an impressive array of accomplishments. e.s.l. has performed at numerous festivals over the years, including Dawson City Music Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, South Country Fair, and Artswells. 2012 saw them on the stages of the PuSH Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival.


find the others

Find The Others is an intriguing blend of acoustic songwriting, layered soundscapes, mysterious lyrics, and mesmerizing visuals.The latest, self-titled album features collaborations with Olivier Alary (Cat Power), Snowblink, Jorn Anderson (Peter Gabriel), and others. Find The Others live shows are a multi-sensory experience with synchronized video visuals. A new album and video, recorded in Iceland with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork), and Canada with producer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers) is set for release in April 2015 on the Forward Music label

 "enthralling" - Halifax Pop Explosion
"a potent, quietly mind-blowing cocktail" - Direct Current Music
"tremendous" - CBC Radio
"superb" - La Presse

Love this song


                                                                                        Jasper sloan yip

Jasper Sloan Yip’s start was humble. A self-taught musician, he gave his first performance in 2007 on a stage he built in the backyard of his childhood home in Vancouver. Three days later he boarded a one-way flight to Paris, the first stop of many in a year-long voyage that spanned fifteen countries and three continents. In the cafes and one-star hotels of Europe, Jasper wrote much of his restless and wide-eyed debut Every Day and All at Once, released on his 23rd birthday in 2010. Its songs charted on college radio, appeared on network television, and landed Jasper showcases at festivals all over Canada. Three years later, at the helm of an experimental folk-rock sextet, Jasper released his ambitious follow up, Foxtrot. The earnest naïveté that characterized Every Day and All at Once was gone, replaced with pensive introspection and expansive instrumentation. The result was a mosaic: nine very different songs that, taken together, offered a unified narrative about the pains - and joys - of love and art.   Foxtrot here



Mike Edel

Even the title, India, Seattle feels like a story on its own. Victoria’s Mike Edel couldn’t have named his sophomore release more poetically. Part of growing a little bit older, a little bit wiser is the awareness that comes inside growing spaces. Nearing thirty, on the exhaust of a brutal four year touring schedule, Edel settled within these spaces to create his finest work yet.

Get closer






corwin Fox

Corwin Fox is a Canadian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been hailed as “a shining light in Canadian roots music” by Doug Cox (artistic director, Vancouver Island Music Festival).  Known as much for his studio expertise as his live show, Corwin has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S. and Australia performing his songs on banjo, guitar and ukelele. He has played venues and festivals large and small, some by himself, some with his band Morlove, and some with such luminaries as Fred Penner, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Alex Cuba, Kim Barlow and Raghu Lokanathan. Corwin also has a new duo with RaghuLokanathan called The Chimney Swallows.

Some fun with Corwin and Shawn Stephenson




Karyn Ellis

A musical magpie, she collects influences of contemporary folk / country / jazz / pop and blues all in service of the lyrics. Memorable, melodic and her songs are at once tender and cutting. Globe says Karyn is a “must-see” songstress who has “a magical way with song.

We love this song




                                                          jez Hellard and the djukella Orchestra

Potent songs, fiery fiddling, silky double-bass and smoking harmonicas! Jez Hellard & The Djukella Orchestra play traditional and contemporary folk music with a sting in the tail. From jigs, reels and rebel ballads to tango, rhumba, and bluegrass. Expect politics, poetry and dazzling musicianship.

This song is amazing






I can't recall why i started but i never stopped and now 5 cd's later I'm exploring middle eastern music, after various love affairs with various genres. the bittersweet beauty of the world is our constant inspiration, and our crown of thorns. The Darylectones are a post modern act whose music has been described as a jazz guy trying to stuff a blues singer down a well. it falls somewhere between tom waits and Ry Cooder in a soulful blend of world rhythms and old world sensibilities.




RupLoops is an interactive, live looping performance, using vocal percussion, rhythmic rhymes and an arsenal of eclectic instruments from around the globe. Rup utilizes his diverse skills as a musician to create a pulsating, entertaining and engaging musical experience. He is a gifted educator and performer and has a deep passion for intercultural work and intercultural sounds.

Rise Up!




Sam tudor

sam tudor

Sam’s first full album was done in a storage cupboard. His weird, anthemic folk songs have taken him everywhere from badly lit basements to shiny auditoriums. Since moving to Vancouver Sam has been involved in a wide array of different recording projects spanning genres from folk to hip-hop. He also scores films in Vancouver, many of which have gone on to critical success at festivals across Canada. One winter ago, Sam came home to Gavin Lake Camp and set up a musical laboratory where he recorded his sophomore album, The Modern New Year. The album was featured on Radio West, NXNW, and in Discorder Music Magazine. One music blog described it as “really beating the mould” which is either a compliment or an interesting statement about the effect of music on fungus. A unique songwriter, Sam writes songs that are both unpredictable and easy to join in on. His live show is communal and “poignant as hell” (Discorder Magazine). Think Sheryl Crow meets Neil Diamond meets Chad Vangaalen.

Watch Sam and friends make music


Elli Hart

Elli Hart is a musical temptress, charismatic songstress, and the relentless force behind Victoria, BC's roots/rock band Dirty Mountain. Her songwriting blends old country flavors with the blues to support the sassy and often gritty messages portrayed in her lyrics.

Water & Wine live video


Skye Wallace

Skye Wallace’s sound is exciting, dynamic, gritty, and beautiful. The backbone consists of her driving songs, juxtaposed with captivating storytelling and sweeping instrumentation. A truly powerful performer, this girl is known for her sultry songwriting and a charged live show that is bound to stick with you. Wallace’s 2014 release Living Parts was dubbed by Vancouver Weekly as one of the Top 10 Vancouver Albums of 2014, and received attention from CBC Searchlight and satellite radio in Canada and the US, and saw showcases at Folk Alliance, CMW and NXNE. Her newest concoction, SOMETHING WICKED, will be released in spring 2016, to be produced by Jim Bryson. Listed as one of Blog TO’s Top 20 Folk & Roots Shows in Toronto last summer and hailed as Vancouver’s queen of dark folk, Skye Wallace truly is a “national treasure” (Sad Mag). This is a show you won’t want to miss.

The story of a reluctant ghost haunting a past love



Jenny Berkel

Born in the heart of Ontario’s lush forests and fields, Berkel’s music has drawn her from rural Ontario to Winnipeg to Toronto and now to Montreal. This constant shifting finds its rest in her songs: her lyrics are dreamy and piercing, shimmering with memories and glittering with the quiet solitude of a night sky. n the last year, Berkel has shared the stage with acts like Daniel Romano, Rachel Sermanni, Wintersleep and Low Roar. A full length LP, produced by Daniel Romano, is due out on Pheromone Recordings in the near future, followed by extensive touring across Canada and Europe.

Watch Jenny sing it out



 Layten Kramer

Layten Kramer is an psychedelic-experimental-folk artist, recently finishing a recording endeavour with JUNO Award winning producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde, Cave Singers). On this record you can also find the music stylings of Kathryn Calder (New Pornographers) and Geoff Hillhorst (Deep Dark Woods). Layten is an up and coming Canadian Artist from Canmore, Alberta who you'll be hearing about soon.

Gorgeous songwriting in this video.






LAPIS is the result of worlds colliding and heading together in a new direction. Pushing the edge of cultural hybridity, their sound is informed by the traditional music of South Asia, Dub, Hip Hop and Electronic Music. Lapis is comprised of sitarist Mohamed Assani, vocalist and electronic musician, Rup Sidhu and percussionist, Curtis Andrews. They are known for their love of improvisation and original compositions with unexpected sonic pairings such as wave drums and sitars, freestyle rap and mridangam, mbira and beat boxing. Having been classically trained in both Western and Hindustani music, Mohamed Assani brings unique compositions and a sophisticated melodic sensibility to the group. Rup Sidhu releases raw expression and refined aesthetics through electronics, beat boxing and rapping. To round out the sounds of Lapis, Curtis Andrews shares his dynamic grooves and rhythms from South India and West Africa.

Learn about and listen to LAPIS


                                              Scott Cook

A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada’s Scott Cook has managed to distill the stories collected over years of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. He brings humour, a disarming honesty, years of roads, and a deep love of humanity to his songcraft and storytelling. He is equally at home alone on stage, accompanying himself with guitar, banjo, ukulele, and mbira, or backed by his acoustic trio the Second Chances. Cook’s songs are true stories set to music,drawing on influences from folk and old-time country to soul and blues. He has made his living playing music full-time since 2007, and despite all the hard miles, he still believes that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world.

Pass it Along...great song.


Ross Douglas

Ross Douglas heardthe Beatles late one night and that was it. Initially drawn to theatre,he played piano in the satirical band The Choke Sisters; fronted by future multiple Tony Award-winner Des McAnuff. He played  "Brad Majors" in the first ever Canadian stage production of the ROCKY HORROR SHOWand for 3 years saw much of the world as Piano Player / Narrator in the second-ever cast of the seminalBILLY BISHOP GOES TO   WAR. Then a lot of songwriting kicked in. He spent 8 winters as musician, writer and musical director of the very popular  Willie and the Wassailers and 9 summers  as writer, musical director and performer at Theatre Royal in Barkerville, BC. This spawned a vast and  truly eclectic writing output and 4 albums of original song .

"A one man vaudevillian whirlwind .. a consummate and versatile entertainer. His live show is always a crowd-pleaser with astute songs that blend history, comedy, theatre, a variety of musical genres and a litany of instruments (from keyboards to mandolins and ukuleles). " — Julie Fowler; Executive Director for the ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art.

Ross and a story


Bessie Wapp

The incomparable Bessie Wapp was Nelson's 2015 Cultural Ambasador, or as she likes to be addressed Nelson's Bad-assador. She is an actor, singer, director and storyteller, chameleon extraordinaire, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our line up! We will post details soon about what she will be bringing to Tiny Lights 2016.






Emily Millard

Emily Millard, known formerly as Miss Emily Brown, is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose unique blend of art-folk has been called “inventive”, “haunting” and “beautifully ethereal.” Alchemically combining poetry with vintage keys, steel strings and found-instruments, Emily braves the space between silence and sound with her unmistakable voice.

“Her voice is a mercurial weapon.” – exclaim! “Understated, elemental and verging on the timeless.” - David Ross MacDonald

Emily's new single "Paradise"



                                               Leathan Milne

Leathan Milne is an artist.
His songs are a refreshing jolt of humble, soft spoken honesty that are quite unique to the folk music world of which he has woven himself. A splendid and rich offering of orchestral folk music. Lush strings, thickly textured guitars and keyboards that don't sound like keyboards lead the way through these songs about the world and its inhabitants. The banter is less textured. Born in a small town in rural southern Alberta; Leathan has been playing and performing music for the last 10 years. He has toured throughout Canada and the USA and thanks to his diverse musical prowess has shared the stage with acts like Gregory Alan Isakov, KOS, Chali 2NA (Jurassic 5) and Passion Pit and has seen him play both internationally acclaimed and grass roots festivals throughout Canada.

Watch "Here I Lie With You"




Maiya Robbie

The most common remark heard after listening to Maiya Robbie is that one has been “transported”.  Her ability lies in being able to pierce through the surface, to the reality of things, to a place of poetic authenticity.  Like a storm about to break alongside a sky filled with sunshine, Maiya’s music is a textural, vivid experience.  Influenced by the sensibilities of folk and contemporary poets like Gwendolyn McEwen and Mary Oliver, as well as touched with a healthy measure of indie ingenuity, Ms. Robbie has the finesse to not only talk to the heart of a matter, but to take it in both hands and deliver it into the lap of her listeners.   She resides in the agriculturally rich South Okanagan of British Columbia, where rabbit bush, clay banks, lakes and cherry trees offer a creative haven.Several years ago (2006), Maiya joined Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long with legendary spoken word performer Shane Koyczan.  Together with Olivia Mennell, Jordie Robinson and Jesse Lee, they are a successful talk-rock band that continue to play venues and festivals across Canada to standing ovations and rave revues.

Maiya singing "Shouldn't have Been a Mountain"


                                                                      Joline Baylis

Joline Baylis is a Vancouver-based singer-songwriter poised to take her music far beyond the city that's shaped her. Her music is fresh, haunting, and deeply personal, rich with honesty that invites listeners to encounter and connect with their own emotions.

Something Real





Slava Doval's Dance Fusion

DanceFusion is excited make a return to Tiny Lights after a year away. Dancers will bring a colorful burst of athletic grace,infectious energy and exciting choreography to the Ymir Hall. The DanceFusion performance troupe is a blend of local youth and adults that aim to inspire viewers with a wide variety of movement and music. Slava Doval is the current dance sector representative on the Cultural Development Committee for the City of Nelson. She is a passionate performer; teacher and choreographer who infuses her globally minded movements with grace and presence while exploring the common thread in dances from around the world. Inspired globally, created locally.




Check back often. Our roster this year will include 50+ acts containing over 100 artists.