Singing vibrant duets, writing deadly songs, playing handmade banjos and loving old acoustic guitars, Pharis & Jason Romero have released five records and toured across North America and the UK. They've won a Juno award, been featured on NPR Music, CBC, BBC, and Folk Alley, and have performed on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC's The Vinyl Cafe.


Gabriel Palatchi’s latest release “Trivolution” was selected as the Gold Medal Winner on the Composer/Album categories and on the TOP TEN 2015 of the “Global Music Awards”.  It was featured in the “Emerging Artists” section of the April 30th 2016 issue of BILLBOARD MAGAZINE


As winner of the 2015 Domenic Troiano Guitar Award, 2011 Worldwide Guitar Idol, 2010 Guitar Superstar contest and the 2007 International Fingerstyle Championships, Don Alder has earned his place as one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world.  Lyrical and compelling, his original songs are notes of exploration – some passionate and haunting, some hard-driven, others light and teasing.  Don's phenomenal fingerstyle playing and rich voice captivate. Don is also recognized as one of the of the world's top harp guitarists.


“[Craig is] a songwriter who needs to be heard.” Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot. Armed with an extensive catalogue of songs, his Book of Truths, sharp wit and soft voice, Cardiff is considered a pioneer in alternate venue touring, often appearing in churches, camps, prisons, basements, festivals, kitchens and even taking to the streets, bringing his fans with him


Australian musician Andrew Phelan, member of Canadian folk rock band The River and The Road intended on a month long stay in Vancouver before continuing to travel the world. 4 years later, Andrew is yet to leave. 2015 saw coast-to-coast Canadian tours, performances in Australia and Japan, a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for “Best Album”, supporting Sam Roberts, The Arkells, Shakey Graves and playing festivals such as Live at Squamish and Toronto Urban Roots Festival.


It has been said that all Canadian writing inevitably reflects the almost impenetrable vastness of the land and the great distances that separate us. If ‘The Road We Once Knew’ by the Eisenhauers, the husband and wife duo of Jeremy Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett Eisenhauer, is any indication, you’d be hard pressed not to come to the same conclusion about Canadian music. Simple, spare and heartbreaking in its directness, the concepts of distance, time and the wavering arcs of separation and reunion have rarely been as compellingly explored as they are in this powerful debut album.


Skye Wallace is what happens when a classically trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth and writes folk music that makes you feel excited.Hailed coast to coast as a “national treasure” (Sad Mag), Skye Wallace bases out of Toronto and Vancouver

"The dark-folk singer-songwriter blazes new trails on this new album...Something Wicked is a great walk on the wild side."

- CBC Music


The easygoing Edmonton-based trio, comprised of Trevor Mann on lead vocals and guitar, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood, effortlessly weaves catchy vocals and memorable melodies through rich arrangements – instantly engaging but begging to be heard again and again. It’s a coveted combination within the crowded sphere of indie rock – and one that’s rarely the product of anything but time, talent, and heaps of hard work. Of course, Scenic Route to Alaska are no strangers to any of those.


Spending her formative years in the Canadian subarctic city of Yellowknife, Dana Sipos' songwriting is infused with a sense of surrealism best influenced by the supernatural experiences of Canada’s high country. A true songsmith, Sipos creates nuanced songs that are hauntingly hopeful and captivatingly calm, yet filledwith a wild wind.


Jay Gilday has a rare convergence of skills in the world of singer-songwriters. His neatly trimmed and powerful turns of phrase, an ability to pull the listener into a particularly vivid experience, and a warm vocal instrument coupled with an always dynamic, and at time explosive instrumental foundation, make for a formidable and complete skill set. He’s rooted in the singer-songwriter tradition but unique…Jay Gilday stands out from the pack. As a songwriter, Jay threads together the colours of his own ancestral traditions: Dene spirituals, Irish ballads, Canadian folk and rock.


GOODWOOD ATOMS’ blend of ethereal folk, electronic-inflected grooves and heavy-hitting climaxes inspired by the likes of Yeasayer, Youth Lagoon & Radiohead. Formed in 2014, Goodwood Atoms grew out of the scene at Vancouver’s Juniper Room, an underground studio and performance venue that has been the brainchild of frontman Francis Hooper. What began as an acoustic collaboration between Hooper and bassist Joe Pooley grew into a rich tapestry of sound with the addition of guitarist/violinist Dawson Verboven & Berklee-trained drummer Justin Banmann.


Company B Jazz Band is one of Vancouver’s foremost jazz ensembles, featuring a harmonizing female vocal trio in vintage style.  This talented group of musicians has been entertaining the masses since 2007 with their creative arrangements, sharp image, and charming wit.  To date, the group has released 3 albums and toured internationally, most recently as a featured act in the Jiangsu International Jazz and World Music Festival.  The Ladies of Company B Jazz Band, interchangeably playing upright bass, ukulele, mellozoo, trumpet and percussion, are a sweet snapshot of the group's harmony both in sound and style.


Hello Moth is alive in a world of opposites, ranging from alt-pop anthems to dark cinematic monoliths, tribal punk techno to dollhouse rap ballads. His voice--forceful and guttural, delicate and ethereal--merges with electronics to create otherworldly songs and powerful performances.


Post Script is a relationship, a constant exchange. Considered to be one of Edmonton’s hidden gem bands (, the distinct flavour of Post Script is coming out of hiding and steadily finding an audience. Their debut album, "If Not For You" embodies the traditional Canadian oscillation between urban living and rural retreat, while also capturing the spirit of the nation’s linguistic divide. Post Script are young, charming musicians, writing and performing songs like old souls for modern times.


Garnering critical praise with their folk-laden debut album in 2013, Wooden Horsemen have expanded their sound considerably since embarking on multiple cross-country tours. With the addition of horns and an expanded rhythm section, the group now seamlessly fuses elements of raw blues, soul and rock, while incorporating a Latin and African inspired rhythmic approach. The outcome is a distinctly unique flavor of pop sensible melodies, driven by a pulse for which the band has built it’s reputation as a must-see live set.



Luca Fogale’s immense vocal talent is impossible to ignore, elevating songs rooted in the folk tradition to soulful hymns .Based in western Canada, Luca has played over 550 shows in the past three years as he’s tirelessly honed his craft. These shows have become the stuff of legend for his community of fans – standing ovations and teary-eyes are uncommonly common when Luca sings. At 25 years old, Luca’s drive and passion for music grows daily as he strives to become a more creative and inspired artist, constantly working to carve out his own place in Canada’s diverse pool of musical talent.


They're sure to get your arms swinging and boots stomping with their high energy mix of soulful mountain blues, funk and folk rock. This four piece band is comprised of Selkirk College Music School graduates: Sean Rodman, Nick Fuss, Lee Campese and Jakob Simek. Original music from Sean and Nick focuses on celebrating the joys and beauty of rustic rural living with an underlying passion for inspiring community connection. With an ever changing arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, harmonica, bass, and drums they're sure to strike a chord for diverse listening pleasures.


Elli Hart.jpeg

Elli Hart is a musical temptress, charismatic songstress, and the relentless force behind Victoria, BC's roots/rock band Dirty Mountain. Her songwriting blends old country flavors with the blues to support the sassy and often gritty messages portrayed in her lyrics.


Terence Jack emerges with an energetic and refreshingly authentic sound on EP Never Get Back, packed with epic dynamics, big builds, and a nod to classic rock ‘n’ roll. The infectious energy and rawness of his band’s performances have earned Terence Jack slots at major Canadian festivals over the past several summers.

Terence Jack brings a soulful timbre, a rock gospel groove and a polished wave of synths all at once. He will give you some earnest rock ‘n’ roll endorphins and make it look easy.


Scotty’s approach to music is like a familiar patchwork quilt; it’s earthy and warm, with flashes of bright colour, juxtaposed with highly contrasting rhythmic elements. An unapologetic genre jumper, his songs are blues-y sleeper anthems haunted with broken, ethereal melodies and moments of campy lyrical humour. With one foot in his prairie roots, and one foot in Detroit, Scotty draws from city blues, old country, and even Motown Soul, exhaling in an effortless style that is a sum of them all.




Rachael Cardiello's indie folk/pop is bold, neon, and full of soul. Cardiello and her Toronto-based band bring an orchestral, magnetic soundscape to their sets: equal parts intimate and fierce with a backbone groove that keeps the dance floor high and vibrant.


Blue Moon Marquee is a Gypsy Blues band born of the wild rose foothills of Alberta. They currently make their home in an island shack on the coast of the Salish Sea ,British Columbia. A.W. Cardinal (vocals/guitar) and Jasmine Colette a.k.a. Badlands Jass (vocals/bass/drums) write and perform original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves. Artists such as Lonnie Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, Memphis Minnie, and Django Reinhardt are deeply infused in the soul of their music.


Combining bittersweet vocals, aching lyrics, and indelible melodies, Danielle Knibbe's songs win, and then all too often, break your heart. Blending folk, roots, and country sensibilities, there's an intimacy and familiarity to her music; her stories may not be about you, but you'll think they are.


 Born and raised by a classical music loving piano teacher and a Hank Williams devotee prairie boy gave Joseph Blood a unique mix of influences. He began writing songs and at the age of 13 and gigging and touring professionally by 17. His versatility as a guitar player has made him a highly touted Vancouver session player for both recording and touring. His writing, a unique blend of country, pop and Americana, is now gaining him recognition for being a fine up and coming songwriter.



Sam grew up at a forest research station, developing an affinity for both plants and outdated technology in the process. He wrote songs throughout his childhood, and his last album “The Modern New Year”, has become a staple on campus radio stations across Canada. Now living in Vancouver, Sam performs with Tegan Wahlgren, Jasper Wrinch, Craig Aalders and his brother Harry Tudor. 


Toronto’s Abigail Lapell draws freely from folk-roots, indie and punk rock traditions. She received the 2016 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, and NOW Toronto called her a “musician to watch” in 2017. Hide Nor Hair, her sophomore CD/LP, is out now.


Kitty & The Rooster is a rock n' roll duo from Vancouver, BC featuring Jody Ponto banging on the cocktail kit and East Van guitar legend Noah Walker They are known for their surf-tastic hooks, clever lyrics, and ridiculously fun shows.



Behind the scenes of today’s hyper-social conventions, Jesse is a lone wolf. Subtly enigmatic, on stage he is intriguingly comfortable yet remains strikingly honest. His music reaches an unsettling depth through its minimalism. He’s been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy and Father John Misty.



OQO means balance. This coastal Canadian trio sounds like a ménage-a-six between Yann Tiersen, Sigur Rós, Beirut, Gogol Bordello, Cinematic Orchestra and Phillip Glass. The band writes original, cinematic, operatic folklore for Accordion, Violin, Voice, Contrabass and the occasional Synthesizer. Ian Griffiths on Accordion and synth, Keith Rodger on Upright Bass and Jacques Mindreau on Violin and Voice have been enchanting audiences across Canada


Bre McDaniel is an interdisciplinary artist born and based in Vancouver, Canada. Constantly in awe of the world around her, she can’t help but draw, paint, and sing about life as it happens. The smokey softness of her voice has been described as “magic on toast”; moving from tissue-paper delicate to a haunting warmth, to beaming with soulful conviction— reminiscent of Cat Power and Fiona Apple.


Whether you’re living in small town misery crying “God help me, I think I wanna kill somebody”(Theme Song), an old school folkie seeking something new, or somewhere(or nowhere) in between, Raghu’s warm welcoming voice and whip smart turns of phrase are sure to draw you into the world he’s created that is far more colourful than the surface level blue.

 He writes songs like they used to a long time ago” Utah Phillips


Although blooming from the suburbs of Calgary, AB, Kirsten Ludwig belongs to no set of roads and dwells in transition. A nomad at heart, Ludwig finds true solace in her quiet ambition, gentle voice, and mellotron-induced thoughts.  With a soft demeanor and heavy mind, Kirsten Ludwig achieves simultaneous vulnerability, strength, grace, andmadness. Ludwig continues to blaze a fierce path much like the wildly creative and independent female artists she is noted to look to, such as Laura Marling and Margaret Glaspy.



On a very basic level, windmills convert energy. As an artist, Windmills does much the same thing, taking personal tragedies, triumphs and memories and transforming them into songs dripping with heartbreak and anguish.


“James is a storyteller with unconventional compositions and lyrics that explore the most contemporary issues in our Canadian culture, often originating in personal experiences with humanity…He is a compelling performer in show, his sharp observations delivered in a deceptively gentle manner, his voice an instrument of pure delight. His view of the world reflects his generations and I can only say the future is in good hands.”

~ David Francey


With lyrics rooted in high school heartbreak and self deprecation, Peach Pit spins stories of backstabbing best friends and drug addicted tour guides. Having the dance moves of a crazed headbanger, frontman Neil Smith, brings a unique energy to their live show while the rest of the band does their best to keep it weird.


From the heart of East Vancouver comes this internationally acclaimed, award-winning cabaret comedian. Armed with her guitar and sharp wit, she will sing you obscenely honest songs about sex and human nature that will have you in stitches.



.  Known for connecting with audiences of all ages and musical preferences, the band delivers an eclectic sound that incorporates elements of folk, funk, and rock.  Four-part harmonies, supported by a grooving rhythm section, fiddle playing, guitars and a lap-slide, all give Carmanah its unique and captivating sound. Put them in a small intimate venue and they’ll have the hairs on the back of your neck stand.


From Edmonton, Alberta, Ella and Jasper have carved their own space, and are ready for anyone that would like to be a part of it. This space is vast and small, and rests close to a flame, warm, never scarring.


Jasper Sloan Yip is the songwriter behind the eponymous folk-rock sextet. Comprising of a rock quartet backed by a string trio, Jasper and Co. deliver a live set that veers wildly between lush, orchestral ballads and psych-rock freak outs.


Frontal Lobotomy is Samantha Scott, Danny Bell and Raghu Lokanathan. They formed as the host band for the open mic at Nancy O's in Prince George. They play songs they wrote and songs by people they know.



After many years of collaborations, the duo behind Distant Grand have solidified their style, resulting in the discovery of the sound that captures the essence of their self made genre, Sexy Sad.


Story filled booms of folk-pop passion interwoven with hook filled melody. With dozens of tours and hundreds of shows in Canada, US and Europe, Kirby's intimate songwriting, exposes us to everything from his good times to his innermost pain.


In a wave of silky, rustic greatness with a voice that comes straight from the heart, her songs are like high country rivers – pure, rippling, and flecked with gold.


Ripple Illusion is a wave of rock and roll that kicks up remnants of funk, blues and surf. Its modern vintage sound explores the eras of 60's psychedelia and 90's alternative Culture. Their invigorating performances have torn up Canadian music venues for over 2 years.



Sturdy original songs played on an acoustic guitar. Usually electrified with a band, Steve Brockley would like to show you what he's made of with a rare solo set. For the sake of the song.

“Well-crafted songs and gently melodic vocal style are easy on the ear. His sparse 'less is more' ethic is refreshing in these days of frenetic folk-roots sounds.” –New Canadian Music


Seth and Shara.jpg

Fearless, unique, soul full world folk, funk, rock opera.

Seth Macdonald and Shara Gustafson, are well known on the Northern Alberta and B.C. festival scene as the front line of the funk/rock/reggae/world groove high energy dance band "Mamaguroove", born and raised in Dunster, B.C

With Samson’s Delilah, Seth & Shara have ventured into new musical territory. With a fierce intensity weaving throughout their soundscapes, utterly captivating, Samson’s Delilah will leave their mark on every listener, you will not be disappointed by the fusion and spell that they weave...



Formed for the 2013 Tiny Lights Festival, Dirt Floor is making a triumphant homecoming to the place that started it all.

Original members, Sean Cameron, Jesse Lee and Peter Reed and now joined by Eddie Thomas (Drums) and Brian Kalbfleisch (Keys) as they move seamlessly from North Americana Folk Music to gritty rock and roll.

Covering topics such as mental health, vampires, love from behind bars, love, loss and drug addiction, Dirt Floor have created a local cult following with soaring four part harmonies and tasteful texture, whilst always focussing on serving the song.




Lucas returns to Tiny Lights this with Song from Plays and other bits. Lucas is a staple of the Kootenay theatre scene and continues to delight audiences with his unabashed look into the heart of Kootenay life. He has created a variety of indelible characters in his various one person shows including DECK, HELLO BABY, CAMPGROUND, and the Cromoli Brothers. His performances blend music, storytelling and humor and he is delighted to have the good fortune to take part in this incredible festival.



Dawson Rutledge Promo Photo.jpg

Dawson Rutledge is a 19 year old multi award winning Folk/Americana artist, from Cranbrook, BC. His first album charted nationally with many positive reviews. Currently, he is working on a second album in upstate New York with 3 time Grammy Award winning producer, Justin Guip.



Bessie Wapp is a theatre artist, musician, educator, and Nelson Cultural Ambassador. She directs the Blue House Choir, leads classes, and teaches private lessons. Watch for her solo show Hello, I Must Be Going at the Capitol in the fall.


Kia Kadiri is one of Vancouver’s most respected female vocalists in the Western Canadian Hip-Hop community for almost 20 years.  Kia’s passion for music, rap and poetry makes her extremely productive as a workshop leader. She works for a variety of non-profit organizations as an instructor and facilitator, working with and mentoring at risk youth.  Kia’s lightning speed raps, and articulate delivery when improvising lyrics, leave her in a class of her own!



A waterbowler by day, and a wordsmith by night, Johnny MacRae does things with his mouth. He once quoted a fellow poet as calling him "a fnckin effortless weirdo." He is a Dope on lone from the silo, finger-painting between the lines.