Locals Only Tickets

Welcome to the locals only ticket page. Locals tickets are truly only for Ymir Locals, there are a very limited number and we want to make sure that all locals have access to the festival. The Local's price is $125 tax included.  our public ticket prices are currently $175 for a weekend pass. 

These tickets are truly only for Ymir Locals this includes Ymir Town, Porto Rico Road, The Wildhorse, Porcupine and Wesco Road. You must have a mailbox in Ymir to apply.

Adult tickets


Youth Tickets


If you cannot afford a ticket at this moment we are also happy to place a ticket on hold for you until June 1st just send an email to  tinylightsfestival@gmail.com

If you truly cannot afford it, let us know and we can work something out, email us at tinylightsfestival@gmail.com

To purchase tickets choose either one or two tickets below and the click on the buy tickets button.