Locals Only Tickets

Welcome to the locals only ticket page. Locals tickets are truly only for Ymir Locals, there are a very limited number and we want to make sure that all locals have access to the festival. The Local's price is $105 plus GST.  our public ticket prices are currently $155 for a weekend pass. 

These tickets are truly only for Ymir Locals this includes Ymir Town, Porto Rico Road, The Wildhorse, Porcupine and Wesco Road. 


If you cannot afford a ticket at this moment we are also happy to place a ticket on hold for you until April 15th just send an email to  tinylightsfestival@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer instead, we ask that you contribute 8 hours of voluntter work and pay the $40 volunteer fee. Ymirites are given priorty for volunteering for set up and tear down of the festival.


To purchase tickets choose either one or two tickets below and the click on the buy tickets button.