The website says you are sold out, can I still get a ticket?

If the website says tickets are sold out, you will not be able to purchase a ticket for the festival. There may be people selling their tickets on our Ticket Exchange Facebook Page.

I know you're sold out but will there be day tickets available?

If full festival tickets are sold out, there will be NO day tickets available. We are tiny festival with limited capacity venues and seats must be reserved for those with full festival passes.

I know you're sold out but will there be tickets at the gate?

If festival passes are sold out there will be NO tickets available at the gate, please do not arrive on site expecting  to get in as you will be turned away.

Can I sell or give my ticket to someone else?

Tickets are transferable but the TICKET SELLER must forward US the initial confirmation email they received with the TICKET BUYER Ccd in on the message. We will change the name on our will call list. Passes are issued by name AND confirmation number at the gate and ID must be presented to receive a wristband.

Can I get a refund?

 As clearly stated on our ticket purchase page, tickets to Tiny Lights are non-refundable. Please see our Facebook ticket exchange page to connect with people wanting to purchase tickets.

Will you send me a ticket in the mail?

We do not send out physical tickets to Tiny Lights. A confirmation code is sent after your online purchase which is to be brought to the gate along with ID to claim your festival pass and receive your wristband.

Is camping included in my Festival pass?

Camping IS NOT included in your festival pass and MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Please see our Camping FAQ page for more info on camping.

If I buy multiple tickets for myself and others how can I get them at the gate?

If you purchase multiple tickets under one name, that number will be listed at the gate and if you do not all arrive at the same time, each person will need to have the confirmation code.

When can I get my tickets?

You can pick up your pass and receive your wristband at the ticket booth when you arrive onsite with your confirmation code. Please see our FESTIVAL FAQ page for ticket booth hours.

Are children free and do they get a wristband?

Children 12 and under are free and will be given a wristband at check in.

Are there youth tickets available?

Tiny lights does have a specific youth pass for people aged 13-18. If the festival is sold out, there will be no youth passes available at the gate.

Do I need ID to pick up my tickets?

You will need photo ID to pick up your passes at the ticket booth.