Would you like Be a Vendor at Tiny Lights?

Our vendors are set up in our Village at that centre of town. It is the heart of the festival. We feature an outdoor stage, workshops and activities all day.

We have a large focus on zero waste and sustainability in every aspect of Tiny Lights. Our vendors lead the way. Last year, our festival grounds created only one bag of garbage.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for vendors that fit in to and are excited by our vision. We want to have delicious and healthy food available, and we want to support local business wherever possible.   The village is also a place where visitors can nourish their spirits with education of what it means to be sustainable- the goal is to have every participant come away with at least one new idea or way of living that they can immediately implement to make our world that little bit better.  

We have many zero waste initiatives in place to help you, once you have applied.

In order to qualify this year, vendors must satisfy at least two of the following criteria:
1. Be Local, which means currently living in the Kootenay Region.
2. Sell goods that are created from local ingredients and assembled locally.
3. The majority (60%) of items on the menu include organic and/or locally sourced ingredients.
4. Actively educate festival visitors using interactive, hands-on displays that support sustainable development in relation to one or more concerns listed in the definition above.
5. Be part of creating a Sustainable Community within the festival, which promotes the definition above.
 Priority will be given to applicants who can prove current membership with the Salmo Valley Farmers' Market, and/or the Ymir Business Association.


Food Vendor - $200 + GST   (If you are a member of the SVFM or the Ymir Business Association   $150)

This includes 1 FULL festival pass and2 weekend VILLAGE only passes for your staff. The full pass will be be for you and your staff to share, the village pass gives you access to the outdoor stage, There will be programming on the outdoor stage until 10 pm.  On Saturday, we will be offering vendors discounted saturday night tickets.

Market Vendor - $125+ GST   (If you are a member of the SVFM or the Ymir Business Association   $75)

Non Profit Society- $50 + GST

This includes 2 weekend VILLAGE only passes for your staff. These passes will only allow you access to the Vilage. There will be programming on the outdoor stage until 10 pm. If you or your staff wishes to see more venues you may purchase full festival passes for the reduced rate of $85 each for the weekend.

Electrical supply will be provided at an additional cost of $15 and will only be available to Food Vendors and Village Vendors.

This year the Village will be gated and locked up at 11 pm this will reduce the possibility of bear, dog and human problems at the festival.


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You can see our complete Vendor Policy HERE