Visual Art

Visual Arts are an instrumental part of Tiny Lights. Prior to the festival we have local and regional artists transform our venues into artscapes. By providing opportunities for local artists to display they are able to reach a larger audience. This year we are excited to welcome a few artists who have roots in Ymir.

We will be adding new artists as they are confirmed. check back often.

Mia Dungeon

mia 2.jpg

Life, death and the spaces in between are explored in Mia Dungeon’s work like the corners of your basement during a game of midnight hide-and-seek. The skulls and bones come from animals that died of natural causes and whose lives she honours with the utmost respect. Mia utilizes recycled materials, found objects and vintage jewelry to adorn these skulls in order to celebrate the delicate cycle of birth, death and the infinite unknown.





Rhandi Sanford

Rhandi Sandford is a visual artist residing in Nelson BC. She is an illustrator who can most recently be found hiding in her room creating large scale puppets. Creating new forms from within her mind, she wishes to create a curious whimsical land into which a viewer can be taken away. Her work has been shown around BC and AB, and her illustrations could be found on Tiny Lights 2015 merchandise. This year she will be creating a series of puppets for Tiny Lights