Please be aware that these are 2016 workshops. We will be adding our incredible offering of 2017 soon!

Part of what makes Tiny Lights so special is the incredible array of workshops that we offer throughout the weekend. With the price of your ticket you are able to participate in over 40 workshops. We will be adding musical workshops soon!

Chevay Roddick- Yoga

Mountain Waters Spa

With 15 years of personal Yoga practice, Chevay has a wide depth of knowledge and is certified in Hatha and Heart Yoga. Her classes combine both practices with an emphasis on joy, breath and proper alignment.  In this class I will invite you to breathe fully, move with integrity, expand, be mindful and find your centre.  I humbly hope to share the gift that yoga is to me with authenticity and love.

Cindy Spratt- Body Lovin' Sweet Treats

Cindy Spratt

Cindy Spratt is a Ymir local, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach specializing in Culinary Nutrition.  Learn how to swap out refined ingredients for better-quality choices to make delicious, health-thriving treats and desserts, packed with body-loving goodness. Includes samples and recipes!

DJ Rippel- Learn to DJ

DJ Rippel

Rip has been on the hip hop scene since the early 90s as a hip hop host/DJ/emcee, writing/producing/breakin/scratchin/smokin and creating/hosting the local hip hop night since 1997, and the 1st Shambhala Music Festival.  This is a hands on DJ experience for all ages, covering scratching, beat matching and making beats.

Drea Phoenix- Yoga for Awesomeness

Drea Phoenix Yoga Retreats

Drea is a certified yoga teacher, who has been teaching Yoga for over 10 years.  Drea brings a joyfulness to her teaching. She believes that EveryBody can do Yoga. She currently leads workshops and retreats around the world.

Do Yoga. Be awesome. Yoga teaches us that anything is possible. Why not go for it! In this fun yoga workshop we start where we are and discover the possibilities. Suitable for all levels.

Gloria Currie- Ymir Cemetery Tour

Gloria is a founding member of the Salmo Valley and Kootenay History Interest Groups, whose activities include gold panning, underground mine tours, photograph exhibits, and bottle collecting.

The Ymir Cemetery was used for one hundred years before being closed in 1987. Although very few headstones survive, research shows that least 68 people are buried there. Their stories describe life in a Kootenay mining town.

Heather Grant- Tango and the Heart of Connection

Soul Tango

Heather combines her background in mindfulness, somatic awareness and therapeutic listening, with her years of study and passion for Argentine Tango.  She travels the world to dance, experiencing Tango as a common language.

Tango is all about walking and connection. The embrace can be a mirror for self reflection and a tool for cultivating awareness and empathy. A moving mindfulness meditation for two, Tango will meet you where you meet it.

Juliena Brown- Kids Movement

Juliena is a lover of movement and children. Mother of two, yogi, dancer, healer....these classes combine her love of children, and the work she lives and practices in the world.

In this class the kids will practice mindfulness, breathing, yoga and dance.



Keith Davis- Exploring Wild Plants

An experienced wildcrafter with background in botany and ecology, Keith is happy to show others how to identify and use the edible and medicinal plants found in our local backyards, forests and meadows.

Walk near the festival site where we will look at and talk about the many useful plants we will see, particularly identification characteristics, best ways and times to harvest, and methods of use.

Louis Bockner- Photographing with the Eye, Head, and Heart

Eye of the Mind Photography

Louis Bockner is a Kootenay-raised and based portrait and event photographer who loves people and the endlessly unique stories they carry with them. He also likes fishing and good food.

The legendary photographer Henri Carier-Bresson said that photographs are "made with the eye, heart and head." This workshop is based on this concept and follows my development as a photographer from Eye to Head to Heart.

Marcia Braundy- Building the Building – Building Community

Journeywomen Ventures

Dr. Marcia Braundy, a multidisciplinary academic feminist, keeps her hand in as a construction carpenter, multimedia project manager, educator, author, archivist, independent scholar, storyteller, and social change activist.

What is accomplished when folks choose to work together? Follow the struggles, joys and benefits to community in creating a spectacular place to gather; a Burial Society & cemetery; the 1st rural seniors’ housing project in B.C.

Michelle Colley-  Bokashi Composting

Michelle is the Tiny Lights Operations Manager.  She has a degree in Environmental Science, a Red Seal in Carpentry, and is an Instructor at Selkirk College.  In spare time, she plays violin, runs in the forest and paints.

Tiny Lights has an effective system using Bokashi Composting to reduce waste: last year we only took 5 bags to the landfill!  Learn about the Festival system, and take away information on moving towards Zero Waste yourself.

Montana Burgess- Transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy

West Kootenay EcoSociety

Montana Burgess is West Kootenay EcoSociety's Community Organizer. She's passionate about creating change by organizing people power. Previously, she worked for Climate Action Network and has attended over 25 UN climate summits.

West Kootenay EcoSociety has launched Renewable Kootenays, a campaign to reach 100% renewable energy in the Kootenays by mid-century. Learn about how it’s possible and how you can help your community make the transition today.

Saija Nu- Dancehall Fusion and Tribal CypHer

NuDivinity Designs

I bring confidence in my ability to guild bodies in movements in a healthy and safe way. Teaching dance, yoga and fitness for over 13 years is a joy I love to share with others.

A fusion workshop covering the fundamental movements and rhythm of Jamaican dancehall, cross referencing North American hip hop cypher concepts and bringing awareness to how both cultures have similar attitude and roots.

Sarah MacCrimmon- Women With Saws

Women With Saws

Sarah brings to you 10 years of experience wielding a chainsaw in the wild woods of Ymir. Hailing from farm land in Glengarry, Ontario, she replanted her farm roots in Ymir.

This workshop is an opportunity for women to get inspired, be empowered and learn a new skill set.  You will learn about chainsaw safety gear, equipment maintenance and how to sharpen the chain. Participants will have the opportunity to buck up firewood.

Zan Comerfors- Hip Hop- Get Turnt!

Turnt-Up Studio

Hip Hop Dance Will Change Your Life! Zan is passionate about the confidence, strength and determination that arises from hip hop culture and the movements it inspires.

Get a taste of hip hop movement! For absolutely every skill level, come have a taste of popping & locking, body rolls, swagger and style and a simple, fun choreo.