Information for Ymirites about Tiny Lights

Tiny Lights is a 3 day music and arts festival that happens in our town. This is our 6th year and we would not be able to pull off such a huge feat without much of Ymir's help. We have over 120 volunteers for the weekend, many of them from Ymir. 

How many people are coming to Ymir?

This year, Ymir  will be hosting just over 1000 people for the weekend This includes over 140 performers and all of our volunteers.  We are housing all of our artists in both of the hotels and in many generous Ymirites homes who choose to billet artists for the weekend.  We also have camping in the park and by the waterfront.  Because many people are coming from Nelson we are running a shuttle Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Who runs Tiny Lights?

Tiny Lights is a production of Renascence Arts and Sustainability Society.  We are a non-profit society that was established in Ymir in 2014. Since then we have produced not only Tiny Lights but we have also brought youth programs to Ymir and Salmo youth : Reel Youth, Rock Kamp. This year we opened our Gallery space and office The Box, we have hosted 3 art shows and several events and have many more exciting ones planned for the coming year. 

What time does the music go until?

We have 8 stages all around Ymir. The stage in the park will have music Saturday from 10am to 12:15 am and on Sunday from 10am - 7 pm 

 The Community Hall and the Schoolhouse will have music programmed Saturday from 10am- 2am and on Sunday from 10am- 7pm

What about garbage?

We are very proud of our operations team and we are working hard toward becoming a zero waste festival. For the bast few years we have produced only one bag of garbage from our festival grounds. We use a bokashi composting system and we insist that our vendors adhere to very strict guidelines for packaging. 

Can my Children go in without me?

All children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL TIMES.

What do you contribute to the town?

Every year we rent our venues from both the Ymir Community Association and the Ymir Arts and Museum Society.  We also rented private residences as venues for the past few years.  We employ as many local people as possible in our organization. Every year we rent out both hotels in town and work with local businesses to bring more traffic to their establishments. This year we will be producing a document the evaluates the full economic impact of the festival on Ymir.

What about my dog?

We have a very strict no dog policy in our campgrounds and in every venue including the park. We do not allow people to bring their dogs to the festival, because we know that the dog politics of Ymir are very complex and we don't want animal or animal human conflict, also poop is gross. Although we love Ymir dogs, we do not want them roaming free during the festival as we have had issues in the past with our local furry friends. 

Do you have security?

 We do have a team that is onsite to attend and de-escalate any situation in which people feel unsafe.  We have a child protection policy, a lost child protocol and a de-escalation policy. Our peace patrol is here to shut down all venues at night.  We have only one licensed venue serving alcohol during the festival which is closely monitored for safety.  We have a first aid team that is on call at all times during the festival and work with the Ymir Volunteer Fire Department to ensure any situation is dealt with quickly and safely.  We only call the RCMP as last resort and it hasn't happened yet.

I have a question or concern that is not addressed here

If you have a concern please feel free to drop us a line here