We are working hard as a newer festival in a very old town to make venues accessible to all people. There are challenges.

Our Accessibility Coordinator Alison is here to make navigating the festival easier.

Please contact her here . She will be happy to create a plan with you so that you can choose your own festival adventure!


The Ymir Community Hall-  Has a large ramp to access the wide entry way. Small stall bathrooms.

The Hotel Ymir-  Rear entry into a larger doorway for mobility challenged persons only, with a small low incline ramp. Pub seating but space can be cleared for those in wheelchairs. Small and large stall bathrooms.

The Village Stage- Situated in the community park, slight incline through front gate and easy and slight downhill from the back gate. Flat grassy area with plenty of shade. Small open public bathrooms, porta-potties.

The Ymir Palace- Ramp to entry, hallway to event room or access to outside tented venue if weather permitting, porta-potties outside, no public bathroom.

The Cabin- Larger entryway into a flat seating area. No public washrooms.

The Wildflower Stage- Outdoor tented venue accessible by a flat dirt path off the main road, hay bale seating, no public washrooms.


The following venues are more challenging


The Ymir Schoolhouse-  Steep stairs to main entry, short medium grade stairs at the back. Porta-Potties outside, no public washroom inside.

The Church- Fairly steep dirt path to short run, medium grade stairs to entry. Small flat seating/standing area. Porta-Potties outside. No public bathroom inside.