PLease be aware that there are ABSOLUTELY no pets allowed on the festival grounds or in the camping areas. If you bring a pet you will be denied entry to the festival.

Please be prepared for all weather. Bring a ground sheet, tarp and good quality sleeping bag. Bring appropriate clothing for all types of weather.

I purchased a ticket and thought camping was included, can I still purchase camping?

As clearly stated on the ticket purchase page, your weekend pass does not include camping. If camping is sold out you will need to make alternative arrangements for camping or find accommodations in Nelson and take advantage of our shuttle service.

Last year I purchased camping at the gate, can I do so again this year?

If camping is sold out, you cannot purchase camping at the gate and will need to find alternative arrangements for camping.

Are camping and rv passes refundable?

Camping and RV passes are non-refundable but you can sell or give them to someone else. If you do transfer these passes, please ensure that you provide us with the name of the person you sold or gave them to so they will be registered at the gate to pick up their passes.

I purchased a tenting spot, can I sleep in my car?

If you did not request car camping when you purchased your camping pass, there is no guarantee that you will have a spot in general camping to sleep in your vehicle. Cars cannot be parked in tenting spots.

Camping is sold out, are there other places to camp?

There are no other sanctioned places to camp in Ymir if camping has sold out. There are campgrounds in Nelson (20 minute drive) and Salmo (10 minute drive).

When can I show up and set up camp?

Camping at Tiny Lights opens at 10am on Friday. Please do not show up before then as you will not be allowed to camp until that time.

Can I have a fire?

No, campfires are not allowed in the field campground and there are VERY limited riverfront spots where small fires are allowed. Fires may be banned according to local and provincial forest fire risk.

Can I bring a pet?

No, there are ABSOLUTELY NO PETS allowed on the festival grounds or in the camping areas. If you bring a pet you will be denied entry to the festival.

Can I just put my tent wherever I want in the campground?

No, there will be a camping coordinator and volunteers onsite to direct you to your designated camping spot. Please follow directions and avoid sprawling campsites as we need to fit as many amazing humans as possible in our campgrounds.

Can I cook food in the campground?

We would prefer that you did not not cook your own food in the camping areas to mitigate safety and animal conflict risks. However, we do understand that some attendees either do not want to or cannot afford to purchase food from festival vendors. If you do cook your own food, it must be done safely on a camp stove and all food, waste and attractants MUST be locked in your vehicle overnight to avoid conflict with wildlife.

Are there bears in Ymir?

We are in a mountainous habitat area frequented by bears. We do occasionally have adult and juvenile bears come through town so please be responsible with all possible attractants. If you see a bear onsite, please inform staff at the ticket booth, security staff or a volunteer. If you have conflict with a bear at night, please call 911. YOU CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT BEAR CONFLICT AND ATTRACTANT MANAGEMENT HERE.

Can I park my car next to my tent?

Parking in the campground is very limited and you will most likely have to drop your gear and find a place to park your vehicle. Please be as prepared as possible to be self sufficient without access to your vehicle.

Can I set up more than one tent with my camping pass?

Camping pass are sold on a per tent basis as stated when you purchased your camping pass, We do not have room to place extra tents in the spaces slotted for camping.

What is the size of a tenting spot?

Tenting spots are 13/13 feet which allows for walking space between tents to provide safe entry and exit from the tenting areas.

what do i do with my garbage?

Tiny Lights is committed to reducing our festival waste to zero. Through our innovative Bokashi composting system, strict vendor waste policy, intensive recycling program and commitment of our festival attendees and staff, our total waste last year was reduced to one bag of garbage going to the landfill. We ask that you follow all directions and utilize our collection centres regarding waste and recycling to assist us in achieving our goals. If you bring packaged food items with you and that packaging does not fit into our program (mylar chip bags, unmarked plastics, granola bar wrappers etc.) please take it home with you.

Is there water available?

There are several water stations located onsite which will be clearly marked. Ymir is know for its clean fresh mountain water so please do not bring bottled water to the site. You cannot purchase bottled water from our vendors as we have banned the use of plastic water bottles to adhere to our waste and sustainability policy.

Are there toilets?

There will porta-potties available onsite for your use as well as a wheelchar accessible porta-pottie. Please be aware that they are not lit at night so be prepared with a flashlight or headlamp. Please respect these facilities as we rent them for your convenience and will be charged heavily for any damages.

is it cold in ymir?

Please be aware that we are a mountain town, and though it may be June, it COOLS OFF QUICKLY at night. BE PREPARED FOR RAIN, BRING TARPS AND GROUND SHEETS, AND FOR COOLER WEATHER, HAVE APPROPRIATE CLOTHING AND A GOOD QUALITY SLEEPING BAG. All but one of our venues are indoors but camping is outside.